Space Opening


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This as totally messed up my plans :x

Its was already an hard decision between the zoo or Luciano. Now wtf am i gunna do :lol:
didn't see this one coming.......

.........especially given there is a massive free beach party 50 metres away with the biggest ibiza DJ of the moment, where you can rock up with your own booze!!:lol:
yeap...what happened to the 12.00pm opening ?
but wait a second ... that flyer ...

... looks so ridiculously cheap+tacky ... so me guess is that someone has
hijacked space´s web- and fakebooksite and put that damn thing in ...
(btw - has anybody seen Johnjohn lately :lol: )

... and needless to say on the 29th of may business will start as usual @ 12pm !

if this is NOT the case then
"thankyouandgoodbyespaceyourbesttimesarelonggoneanyway" ...