Space Ibiza Dance coming soon


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Space is a legendary club because :

- Opening & closing parties Line-Up
- Opening & closing parties location flight area
- Entry to Space at 2AM > Go out at 7AM > Go to one of grocery shop front of "Space" > drink a GIN or Vodka or Rhum > Go to Space after party at 8AM
- Most awarded club in the world
- Best music
- The best atmosphere
- Best time ever on the terrace at 3PM
- Carl Cox all night long ......

This club never dies, it were my best years on the island..... Sundays at Space, In bed with Space, Monza, Carl Cox Revolution, We Love Space and many many more !
I want to believe, I hope this place can come back
with the same atmosphere!

I agree with 4tothefloor. you need to just get over it.

Trust me, I'm as nostalgic as they come (often for things I never even experienced) and I'm evidently never going to know the joy of Amnesia '89 or the Paradise Garage or Hacienda or Dorian Gray so all you can do is reimagine the spirit in the best way you can wherever you can. Trying to literally recreate things (see Clockwork) ends up being irredeemably naff which is why I'm wary of the professional retro market. Never go back. Draw from the past but don't live in it.


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I'm pretty sure Matutes will do "Sundays at Space" parties at Ushuaia in 2022, maybe with a carry-on in Hi. Will be interesting to see whether residents like Mr Doris, Jason Bye, James Zabiela will be there or they stick to the original.




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Echaniz 0 - Matutes 1...

... one step closer!
Well , if Yann is the brain of waking up space in privilege (IF Matutes getting the right of privilege ) well , no idea how he will manage to be in 3 places at the same times but this guys before ibiza have had around 15 to 20 small underground venue around barcelona ( especially after ) and they were banging 🔥 I m speaking in the wind as I m just a raver but Yann is brother with guetta but his heart is in the rave scene
Having all the comercial dj in ushuaia and hi almost only for him , if he put his hand in privilege he will hopefully go to a different way … just supposition, I don’t know anything 😅 but well, winter will be interesting 🧐


Curious how Pepe loves to write opinion pieces on the local newspapers but this time, when we're all waiting to see what he has to say, he remains silent...
He's back at last but the article is so shitty it's not even worth linking. Surprisingly, no mention of the Hard Rock Hotel billboard announcing the return of Space... meh!