lol stories ?? i hope they didnt scare u off or something .. come'on, for us who "have to be there for there job's" it was a great event .. and just like u said, i wouldn't fly all the way there just for one night event .. but if you were in the area i think u should think twice .. the next party will be held on Dec 4th "Pacha" ..

p.s. can we hear one of the stories pls :twisted:
i maybe a victim of prejudism, but all arabian countries scare me at the mo´cuz of all the terror stuff......I bet it´s great to be there, but im just scared a lot more of the world today as it is now, than I used to be!
I don’t blame you for that .. but still, u sound like a mature person who could realize that “badism” is every where :evil: hehehee .. EXCEPT IN IBIZA :twisted: 8) :twisted:
uhh the lookie lookie men´s pushing and shoving and trying to sell you crap could actually calculate as being pure terrorism! haha!
:( sry but im realy lost now .. never mind .. lets just stik to ibiza ;) nothing is better than ibiza to talk about .. well mabeee lool

My friend works in Dubai as an air hostess to for Emirates. She loves the job, with all the travelling etc.

I used to live in Dubai for 5 years, was very young tho.Its changed alot since then!!
Ibiza-girlie said:
my friend works there as an airhost for their company and man I ´ve heard the worst stories ever!!!!

well on the arab airlines....there are 253 passenger on the check in and 260 come out ;) ....they also f*** in the cockpit! he, he
Ive not spoken to her in ages so wouldnt really know. She seems to like it though.

Could imagine in the current global climate it could get a bit scary though :(
Don't be that hard with the UAE. I lived in Sharjah (next to Dubai) for two year and it wasn't that bad, it's beautiful, and not unsafe like most of people think!
i have also heard its very beautiful, i had friends who lived there also sometimes but in order to be safe they werent allowed to go out after certain hours and they had their own foreighn village where they couldl ive but if they went outside their terretory they wouldnt be safe......i would feel so isolated