SPACE ALLIANCE Spun Etnicanet Muskaria near Barcelona Spain



On this summer Spun, Etnicanet and Muskaria crew are preparing an amazing festival which is about to last 4 days 14-15-16 -17 of August we offer you the presence of 11 live international bands and 20 top D.j.’s from the international trance scene.

In those 4 days you will enjoy the live acts by:
Spun records:
G.M.S. (Nl), Deedrah (Fr), Earthling (Sp), Zorba (Nl), Soundaholix (Nl).
Etnica (It), Wrecked machines (Br), Lotus omega (It), Pleiadians (It).
Muskaria records:
Alienated buddha (Sp), Add noise (Sp).

And the D.j.’s:
Spun records:
Riktam, Bansi, Celli, Shanti, Paul taylor, Dimitri.
Etnicanet :
Max, Mauri, Gabriel, Rossi, Filippo, Young, Pan, Garo.
Muskaria records :
Hands, Gerardo D, Nanuk, Kevin, Dario.

Also you will have the chance to enjoy the 3D fluodecor: Avikal (U.K.) and the video projections by Psyndicate, jugglings, performance, camp site and a site for caravans and vans, parking, shopping tents, showers, WC, restaurant, bar, chaishop and everything located just 7 kilometres from the beach.
If you want more information your way visit our web site: