Sounds like Cosmos... PLEASE HELP



Looking for a tune I heard on the terrace at Space and more recently at some of the outdoor parties in Toronto… Similar style to Cosmos – Take Me With You… no vocals. I know that is very vague, but maybe some perceptive clubber out there knows what I am getting at.


cosmos Vs daft punk - take me harder/with you (left handed bastard bootleg mix) ?
No, definitely not that... it's just the "style" of the song is similar to Cosmos take me with you. It is a unique track...
Morjac feat. Raz Conway- Stars (Credence) has a Cosmos vibe about it, and there are a couple of dubs without vocals. It might just have the "I'd blame it all on you" line left in.
Not that either though I do like that track... Guess I will have to wait until I hear and then ask a dj or scenester. I've heard it a few times at summer parties since I have been back in Toronto (aka Ibiza North ;-))
N8 said:
cosmos Vs daft punk - take me harder/with you (left handed bastard bootleg mix) ?

quality tune - they guys are mates of mines
It is Linus Love the Terrace (apparently a remix of an old Stevie Nicks song)... A local Toronto dj (Mark Oliver) played the track on a boat cruise this weekend and I caught up with him after the set to find out the name & artist. Thanks to all for their help. What a track!
Yep, it's a guy from Glasgow (I won't reveal his name, he wants to stay anonymous !) and it samples an old Fleetwood mac tune.

One of my tunes of the year.

Check out the other guy on their label, Mylo (who has just remixed Elton John), top quality house music.