Song ID pls 'so much love..' AND were u at WE LOVE on 22 sep



Just got back from an amazing few days... went to MoS closing @ Pacha on Fri 20/9 and WE LOVE closing @ Space on Sun 22/9 and both times heard an amazing uplifting sample from a track that repeated over and over:

"I've got so much love, yeah yeah"

..almost had a gospel sound

It was actually played twice at MoS! And I'm sure it was played at about 5pm at Space by Jonathan Ulysees.

..also, anyone know when the MTV show that was filmed at Space on 22 will be aired?

Ta! :?:
Quite simple really

The tune you after is

Together (aka Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon) - "So much love to give"

Out on Roule records (eventually)

Good song, but not as good as the original "together" (IMO)

how many times has then asked for, i think this only means one thing. TUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good song, but not as good as the original "together" (IMO)[/quote]

It's got nothing to do with the "original" Together, it's a completely different song, the previous Together was the title of the song by Thomas Bangalter, So Much Love To Give is done by Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon and they have decided to name themselves "Together"

Hope this makes sense!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry, i think the post was read wrong, I meant THIER (as in the duo bangalter and falcon) first tune, "together". Vastly underrated due to their refusal to license it to any compilations and lack of play.

The duos new song "so much..." is a completely new song, but is simalar to together in the fact its quite simplistic with a repeating vocal. No complaints from me tho. If it aint broke...

(Also, in some listings, you will find that the song is by "together", which is what Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon are collectively calling themselves)

Hope that clears thing up and doesnt sound arsey!!!