Someone should email the clubs and ask them...


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Wot the f*** is the problem with taking cameras into the club!?!! Seen a few posts on this now. I like to take a camera with me to get some memory/souvenir of the night! Is there any particular reason certain clubs bar photographic equipment?
So they can make more money out of us :rolleyes: You get official photographers in Space and then you can buy photo at later date, I'm assuming Space get some cut from this :rolleyes:
priviledge/manumission ban it cause they dont want any of there secret performances getting out or some sh*t like that

i always take into amnesia, it really depends

most i ever get checked for b4 a club is water, they confiscate water, forget drugs or knives etc isn't that just MAD (stupid mad)
oooh, it winds me right up that! like they aint rakin it in enough! Thankfully I wont be visiting manumission again :) so they wont have to worry about 'secret performances' gettin out from me- but why do a documentary for an international network and then follow up with a film if they're that bothered!? mmm. lol, oh im just bitter from last year, good luck to manumission, Id rather do Cocoon myself, or go c Roger Sanchez.
u can get them into some clubs really depends on what size the camera is last year i managed somehow to get a camcorder into manumission for the essential mix
Last yr, a camera came with me to Manumission, Pacha and Amnesia. Have never tried in Space and apparently they are the strictest, is this true anyone??? And has anyone ever had a camera confiscated inside the club "mid-shot". I reckon it's easy to get it through the door, but if they've got people on camera patrol then you're knackered.
Right! We're gonna well work out a master plan for this! Have to do it at one of the meet ups! As long as one person can get one camera in, the photies can be copied / scanned and emailed etc to the rest :)
If u do have the camera conviscated what do they do with it? what if its a nice digi cam or something? do they let you ahev it back when u leave.

ps took camera ot Eden no probs last yr, never tried anywhere else, but know a mate had no probs sneakign in water to most clubs so a small camera cant be too hard can it?
Barbie said:
I've always got camera into Space and got few pics but you've got to be quite sneaky about it :p

Ah, you girlies have places to hide stuff ;)

Sorry, couldn't resist
I always thought if the camera woz nice enough it would somehow manage to 'disappear' -which would piss me off immensely! As I dont think the club would take responsibility for it! It can happen at the end of the day so be careful.
i think the real reason is so that no one can take pictures of any dodgy goings on in the clubs which might lead to inspection or worse, by the authorities.

you have to respect that, i mean where would we be if the authorities started shutting down clubs because of suspected ilegal goings on - see home in london?

if you do take a camera in be subtle about it, and do respect the clubs' privacy.
We are always taking our Sony P5 into Space, Privilege, Amnesia & Pacha without having any trouble.
You need to have a look around before taking your shots, to be aware that no security is watching you.
We use the pics for our private collection.