Some track ids


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Hi everybody!

I was looking for some track ids... if someone can help me.

Here they are:

Track 1

Well known track... think I heard that one @ Matinée Closing last year 2

Great progressive track with some accapella on it

Track 3

Love it too

Track 4

Some remix of the classic Dave Kane - Zero-Plus

Track 5

Dunno... but well known

Track 6

Well known also but couldn't remember the name... some Pryda touch on it

Track 7

Some sample from Simple Minds - All the things she said, great track also

Thanks already for your help!!
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5 is stop playing with my mind (the instrumental version)

know a couple of the others but can't think of the names at the moment

Found also some others... litlle summary:

Track 1 : Sebastien Leger - Bambou

Track 2 : ? + accapella from Noir - All About House Music

Track 5 : Daniel Bovie, Boy Rox - Stop playing with my mind (Dub Mix)

Track 6 : Pryda - Rafunk (Paolo Mojo's back to 1983 Remix)

Still 2 - 3 - 4 - 7 ;-)