Some nice restaurants in Ibiza?


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Hi all,

Next weekend I am going to Ibiza for the second time. Missed out on them the first time, but I want to go to some nice places for dinner this time.

On my list are : El Ayoun, KM5, Aura & Ocho. Does anyone here know whether these restaurants have special nights that have some dj's coming over? Noticed these places are open till late, so I am guessing there will be a bit of partying going on after dinner?

Also at what time do you go for dinner there? Have been to KM5 but at 20:00, and it was real quiet inside, so just went for a drink and moved on..

Any other suggestions are welcome as well ofcourse, but just found out about there four.. Have been to Bambuddah Grove last time, which was good as well!

And finally, can you have dinner at Sa Punta as well, or is that place more of a lounge bar with a beautiful view?

Thanks for your time!
Anyone help me with some decent places to eat in san an heard it's food poisoning central but it's my first time on the island in august so any help greatly appreciated.8)
Anyone help me with some decent places to eat in san an heard it's food poisoning central but it's my first time on the island in august so any help greatly appreciated.8)
Does this food poisoning always follow a night of massive alcohol and chemical consumption?:lol:
You'll be fine there. I don't really go out that much in San An but the places I've eaten at have all been fine and I've never been ill from them (and I've got a pretty sensitive stomach) Try Villa Mercedes, Coastline, Sa Capella if you want a really nice but pricey meal. If you're on a budget you can't go wrong at Rincon de Pepe. I think there's a restaturants thread on this site somewhere too with everyone's recommendations.
Thanks very much McRackin, you have some favorite places to eat yourself, and some favorite nights?
i dont care what night it is or if theres a dj, i go for the food.....

favourite places? lots of them: if i had to pick up one it would be la paloma in san lorenzo but i love all the restaurants along the road to san juan (es caliu, can balafia, etc), ancient people for indian food, cas pagès for meat, JDs for sunday roast, la bodega for tapas..... the list of good places is endless ! !

(and yes, you can you have dinner at sa punta as well)
Thanks very much McRackin for those recommendations! Will check those out when I am on the Island next week!
de nada!! :p

btw, if you head towards the north for some of the first restaurants mentioned make sure, in case you havent been yet, to stop afterwards in atzaro for a caipirinha or something..... easily the nicest looking venue on the island:

:arrow: atzaro
excellent post ! !

La Bodega - Dalt Villa Marina Entrance - I only tried one different tapas bar, but this is my favourite tapas bar from now on - that might change once you try destino!! :p

btw, during the last month i have been eating in es caliu, the fish shack, destino (three times), ancient people, JDs and muay thai.....
Ah, Es Caliu - my favourite restaurant for many years, please approach the owner or his daughter on my behalf and kick them very hard in the nether regions.

Went there on at least 50 occasions but when on the last occasion a couple of years ago, I pointed out that on that evening the food was awful, he said in his best English - "well f#ck off back to England then" - a true gentleman, NOT, and I have never been back there since.

Apparently, in Ibiza the customer is always wrong but they may learn otherwise in this recession, at least I hope that pr#ck does.

Is Cas Pages on the Santa Eulalia / San Carlos road - it has been recommended as rustic and authentic for Ibicenco meat cooking.
This may be the place for this ?

Although not a permanent restaurant structure as such,it is certainly nice !
We went to 'Everybody'in Talamanca,the one known by most people as the Fish shack, (prefer this name) Went on saturday 17th october,not sure if it would still be open, walked slowly over there from Figueretas,got there about 2pm.
The ' shack' is at the northern end of Talamanca bay and is perched by the rocks just a few metres from the water,great views.
Started by looking for a chalk board or menu or something,there is'nt one,they just tell you what they have that day.
Chose Sardinas and gambas, started on the bread and olives and before you knew it the main plates arrive,I know there's not much cooking involved with this stuff,but it is perfect for this place,simple ,lovely tatas and salad.

So not a big deal place,nothing fancy ,service was good,very friendly,and they were most welcoming.

They gave us Hierbas, always good :D Went back for more on the 23rd,sadly it was gone!

thanks for the tips mackie & icey
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