some Def Mix dates


Opening Party (21 June)
David Morales/Frankie Knuckles/Bobby D'Ambrosio/Webster

28 June
David Morales/Satoshi Tomiie/Hector Romero/Webster

4 July (Independence Day Party)
David Morales/Webster

5 July
Satoshi Tomiie/Bobby D'Ambrosio/Hector Romero/Webster

12 July
David Morales/Bobby D'Ambrosio/Danny Rampling/Webster

19 July
David Morales/Satoshi Tomiie/Webster

26 July
Hector Romero/Frankie Knuckles/Webster

August/September dates haven't been released yet

would take a guess that the ones that are doing the Def Mix parties are those doing the Def Mix breakfasts at Space the next morning
Yay that was what it was like last year, so hopefully a bit of Morales and Knuckles on Sunday afternoon at opening of We Love Sundays :D
Robo said:
i would soooo laugh if he don't work out anymore and is just flab!

Well he looked mighty fine when I saw him in Dec so I doubt it's all turned to flab since then, god you're just jealous of him cos he has such fit bod lol :p