Solomun+1 2018


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Pacha are doing bits this year for sure... To have Cocoon and Solomun under the same roof is no mean feat. I wonder if they have any other surprises up their sleeve.


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for solomun i want the return of investisment as not a big fan, if i have to pay 60€ (i never, free guestlist by local ibz 13 & gift by cool spotlight mate last year :D) better enjoy it the most
i guess sunday may 27th night at 2h-3h00am , this will be the only main big event & no choice than going, unless Heart ibiza lineup :?:...
No way Hi on a sunday night ,if same ast last year.

any after solomun along opening last year?
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Nobbie Q

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continuation of a successful night > Cocoon moving from Amnesia to Pacha??

no chance
Cocoon news was a shock, surprise and massive
Maybe he thinks it is a huge announcement given all the rumours of it heading to Hï?

I'm more like relieved it's staying