Solo 4 nights in the party capital


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Hey guys, I'm a single Irish 30 year old, and strongly thinking of heading to Ibiza solo to make the most out of the party capital of the world....I will of course be indulging in some extra curricular activity but I'm sensible when it comes to that stuff and know my limits, and just want to have a good time...would it be a good place to go and visit solo? Safe? Friendly people? Is 4 nights enough? Thinking of going in June sometime...any feedback for me would be greatly appreciated


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4 nights is not enough, 2 weeks is the answer.
Average people stay 1 week as they really goes hard on booze n drugs ?
going solo, visit solo OK , but planning parties solo is not as good as having some few (new) mates.
safe? always be on alert about pickpockets in clubs/daytime parties , don't hang wasted in san an Westend/Pdb or u'll be robbed for sure
ps:if i havent booked ibz summer20, 2 weeks ill plan closing 5 weeks in a row :cool:, opening is too calm even was tempted by Defected Festival mid may


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Objectively, 4 nights is not enough (is it anywhere?) But it will still be a great introduction. Some of my best visits have been 3-4 days. Especially if you want to cram a lot of partying into that period. I was the same on my first visits
Truthfully, even a fortnight trip you're only going to be scratching the surface, so consider this a good taster which will hopefully result in you booking again and again down the line


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4 nights is perfect, not too long not too short! With the amount of spending, partying and consumption u will be doing, it is a nice introduction indeed