Smooth House


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Not a new genre thankfully ...just a new mix: -

Osunlade - Cream
Kerri Chandler - Relax have another spliff
Floppy Sounds - Ultrasong (Studio B Mix)
Franck Roger - Sereninity
Jimmy Deer - Look into my eyes (Franck Roger Mix)
Joe Claussell - Git wa
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Les Gans
M.A.N.D.Y & The Sunsetpeople - Sunsetpeople (Es Vedra Mix)
Manoo & Francois A - A day in December
Sandboy - Night song (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Ben Watt & Sonanda Maitreye - A stronger man
Blaze - Listen (Roots Vocal Mix)
Dennis Ferrer - Change the world (Jihad Muhammed Mix)
Inner City - Watcha gonna do with my lovin (Knuckles & Morales Def Mix)
Joris Voorn - The Deep (Jimpster Mix)
Kenlou - Gimme Groove
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Cheers Neill. Nothing new and exciting on there...just nice soulful stuff that I was right in the mood for
one or two nice bits on there - cheers

i had a spliff with kerri chandler at cargo once - brilliant producer and DJ

such a nice guy too with some amazing stories - anyone who knows the background to his track "get it off" will know what I mean :confused: