smoking and emergency services


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After going for my first time I have a couple of questions I am very curious about.

1) I spent most of my time in Playa Den Bossa. Why is when I wanted to buy fags I had to buy them from machines in the bars?

2) I was there for 10 days, why did I not once hear any emergency services sirens?

I think they passed a law a couple of years ago that limited tobacco sales to vending machines (usually in bars) and specialized tobacco shops. Previously, you could buy them at Spar and other supermarkets.
It must be strange for someone from london to visit a place with such a low crime rate, and a police force that has a very high degree of local knowledge, public co-operation and does not need to make its presence felt by wailing around like starsky and hutch at 4 am. You'll find the kids go to school even without knives, would you believe it!
It wasn't like that at all. There was still a fair amount of traffic on the roads and with all the drunk tourists around I would have expected some kind of need for a police siren. So yes I was surprised to find that in the 10 days I was there not 1 person had a fire, heart attack, broke a leg, got into a fight or did any of the many possible things that would require a emergency service.
Ah but there was actualy a heist 'con pistola' while I was there in september, a local bank was hit.

PDB is probably a no-siren area, and the generally young and healthy tend to do OK plus the hospital is only just up the road on just by Figueretes and one at Can Misses and its quicker to get a cab. Plus theres very little fighting that tends to stay in San Antonio with the more scunidzi of the UK tourists but theres no so much there either, there just isnt the vibe for it.