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we are going to see smokin´jo tonight. anyone ever heard her spinning? what´s her style? tribal, trance, progressive or what?
btw, she works as a model sometimes, and i believe she has a residency @ manumission.
i seen her once and her set was house with a fair bit of tribal. got 2 agree with rusty on this 1. she wasn't v-good, more v-average should stick 2 modeling me thinks!!
Have to strongly disagree with that!!
I bought a Somkin' Jo mix tape back in '92 and have been hooked on her ever since.
She usually plays tribal stuff, mamby pamby is definately not a word that i would put next to her name.
...and if she was really as crap as that why did Space hire her as resident for their flagship 'We love vivid' parties on one off Sundays?
Smokin' Jo rocks. :D

the answer to why has smokin jo got a resdency at space can not be ansewered, but there are many a djs that have their own nights that may not be worthy of it i.e. judge jules......but their must be that attracts thousands to flock to him....
I caught smokin jo in mos tribalism and to be perfectly honest i thought she was v-average. She does tend to play more tribal music in her sets but she didn't do much 4 me at all, and as 4 judge jules...... :x :x
I suppose it depends on what ur lookin 4 in a dj. Some people might go out looking for tunes they recognise and love, with maybe a decent mixer aswell. I personally want a dj who's going to absolutely affect you. A really great dj will have the whole club sharing an atmosphere and will influence moments. Alright this might seem a bit deep, :eek: but thats what these experiences are. Everyone who is involved in dance music, business or just plain social will be able to tell you about certain nights that were just simply unforgettable.
I don't personally think smokin jo is capable of doing that. She might give u an enjoyable night, but never a moment. Judge jules, dave pearce and the likes wouldn't be able to produce an enjoyable night in my opinion. I'd be pretty interested to hear what nights you guys have had that have been simply unforgettable!!!!
after having seen her i must agree that she is quite average. her style is actually not definable - it´s not deep, and it´s not pure tribal:
she plays a monotonous beat (similar to eddie amador), giving some tribal influences to it, and mixing it with some vocals.
i don´t know if i hit the nail on the head with my description of her style, but i´m sure most of you know what i mean :D
...I'm going to try a nd get to see her, got a few of her mixes from the early days and she was quite good. I appreciate the views on here about her, but I'd like to hear her set for myself to make a true judgement. Also saw on the Schedule for 2003 that the legend that is Jeremy Healy is making a few appearances......anybody heard any of his stuff of late? I've got loads of tapes by the guy, which are funkin tree-mendous. Ah the memories!
i saw j healey @slinky about 4 years ago. Long time has passed but wasn't impressed again, sorry! :cry: But, maybe im just being a miserable git!
I do like some dj's.......honest
keith chegwin, tony blackburn, jimmy saville and dave pearce :)
dr fox, if you looked at the clubbing schedule on here, it is not the schedule for 2003 it is the schedule for 2002....
can I ask why every posting you put on here is either correcting someone or being sarcastic and 'know it all'?
Be nice. It pays dividends.
Robder said:
can I ask why every posting you put on here is either correcting someone or being sarcastic and 'know it all'?
Be nice. It pays dividends.

Lol you just have to keep the young pup in line like I do :p ;)
its not sopposed to sound odd, im stating the obvious, many things have been said over and over again which is pointless because if people look around the site then they will find what they are looking.

you wouldn't want to have false information its good to get the facts straight

Yes i know if everybody did that then we hadn't this chat forum, but when you see the same questions day in day out, over and over again, it can get a little frustrating....

and as for barbie, well what can i say hehehe!!!