Skydiving in Ibiza?

oooo i would love to sky dive there it looks nice (for the 609482073489072498 tiem i've siad that) i think it would work out cause the airport and stuff, but it might be to busy to sky dive in the area
truebluelad said:
I think you have to have done 10 parachute jumps before you can actually skydive.

maybe thats just in the UK though

A parachute jump is the same as a skydive. About jumping by yourself, you have to do 7 or 9 jumps, called levels, (the amount you do depends on which course you take and if you have to repeat any levels). After that, you are cleared for solo jumping without an instructor, and then to be allowed to jump with other people you must acquire an A license with requires 25 jumps and some requirements must be fulfilled.
I am terrified of heights .. the only way I could go on the Max thingy in Blackpool was because I was utterly pissed !
is that in FL cause in ny you only need 3 to go by your self
LokiUS530 said:
is that in FL cause in ny you only need 3 to go by your self

IAF consists of 3 tandems jumps and 6 jumps in which you are not attached to the instructor but have one or two (depending on the level) instructors with you in freefall. You are not by yourself but are being supervised by the instructors in case you decide to have a brain fart, and unless you do not do as instructed during the freefall, thenyou will not be allowed to pass onto the next level and therefore repeat the jump until you get it right.

IAF course's guidelines are set by the United States Parachute Association are pretty much uniform throughout the states.

Please do not talk about a sport in which you might have little or no understanding of it. One, two, or even a hundred jumps does not make you knowledgable in this sport. With about 600 jumps, I still have alot to learn.

Thanks for the info Nish. Never tried rocket bungee before, so it must be done.

Fellow skydivers here too :D

I picked up a friend of mine at the airport the other day. He had been to Deland, Florida for two weeks and did 53 jumps and 6 hours in the windtunnel.

...and I was working of course :rolleyes:

A sunset load at The Island would be amazing... 8)
no worries mate, something Ive been interested in for a while myself

Ill do it with ya if were there at the same time :p
Re: ooh!

I am sure something could be arranged by chartering a small cessna from the airport and getting permission to land on the beach from the spanish aviation authority might be a pain, but i will do some research, send a few emails out and maybe when me and my friend get to Ibiza, we could do a demo for a club, bar or hotel.