skin-faithfulness (dj tiesto remixes)


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You probably know this one if you're a fan of tiesto because he's been caning this one for a lil while. Previously codenamed 'ten' this little corker is the one by the skinhead bird (skin) that was lead singer in skunk anasie. Whatever she looks like she can defiunately sing which is what matters 'ere!

As with most of tiesto's stuff he takes ages to release em or hand out promos. I got the advance recently and its blinding! Its a 2 tracker:

1: skin-faithfulness (dj tiesto)
2: skin-faithfulness (dj tiesto Instrumental)

the instrumental is a bit different and its still pretty good but i gotta hand it to the vocal version because it kicks botty. Anyway, if your into trance, grab this one as soon as you can :D