single room hotels



hello ...just basic advice needed, does anyone know of a hotel in westend that does single rooms, just one person that could be booked last minute thru a travel agent. my friend wants to come with us in august but has no one to take so wants a room of her own. anyone done anything similar. she doesnt want to stay in hostels tho, although they sound ok.

I'm meeting peeps in September but I'm gonna be travelling over and staying on my own - I'm staying at the Encanto Apts in San An - about half way round the Bay ( not in the West End, but close enuff if you want to be near there - 20 min walk, I reckon)

Got a really good Single occupancy rate - only £18 more than a twin room for the week...

But... you might want to do a search on these forums first cos I've noticed a few bad comments about these apts...
My mates also looking for somewhere to stay on his own first week in August.

Needs somewhere Ibiza town, Figerattas or PDB ?

Looked at prices on apartments on this site and its too expensive for him being on his own.

Anyone know of anything?
single rooms are gold dust darlin! If u cant get hold of one theyre gonna sting u with the under occupancy charges unfortunately
hostels are the best bet. ibiza town or san an... although you probably get a room with two beds anyway, but pay single price. dont know how it is in peek season, but you it should be ok this season... with prices down. last year was 20- 30 euros.
my hotel where im staying does single rooms. hotel galera, its club 18 30 but its not meant to be the rits like
If you book through Octopus travel then you can get a good rate on the Hotel Victoria in Talamanca.

Bit out of the way from all the action though