Shiva @ Pacha Feat: GRANT NELSON+ Get Loaded Reunion - Oct 10th


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Shiva @ Pacha
Sat 10th October

After four months away, Shiva are back - refreshed, rampant and ready for another glitter-filled night at Pacha. October is here and the nocturnal party animal in all of us is yearning for a dose of Shiva's house music magic. Those of you who made it to Get Loaded, witnessed what Shiva was about! So join us, once again, for a thrilling night of high-octane good times. House music all night long, baby.....


Ball Room:
Liam D & Kayne
Huckleberry Finn
Tom Scott Soundy
Andy Gates & Ata x 2
Clay Hey

Global Room:
Jordan Brown
Paul Michael
David Penn
Radford (Seth Goldstien)
Rob White

Pacha London Victoria SW1
Nearest Train: Victoria
Nearest Tube: Victoria

Advanced Tickets £15//Guestlist £15
Ltd Early Bird Tickets at £10 September

Is your Birthday near event? If so, let us know, you can gain FREE ENTRY!

Exclusive VIP Tables :
£800 You get £600 worth of drink!!!
Tables accommodate up to 10 guests
• No queuing
• VIP treatment
• Free cloakroom
• Waitress service
• Free mixers



20 person booths:
Take advantage of the ultimate VIP experience, a private room for 20 guests, surrounded by one way shimmer screen and smooth charcoal seating. Enjoy the luxury of your own security guard and personal waitress.
• No queuing
• Your own waitress
• Own security
• Free cloakroom
• Nibbles
• Free mixers
• Exclusive pacha merchandise
• Booth accommodates 20 guests // http;// // 08700 600 100

Dress Code:
Glamorous & Dazzling//No Effort No Entry (Please Bring ID-Bank Card accepted)Ages 18+
Winners gain 2 VIP Entry and 6 Complimentary Drinks!
Just answer this (almost too simple) question:

Shiva were involved with “Get Loaded” on Sunday 30th August. But on which Common was the festival held on?

A - Wandsworth Common
B - Clapham Common
C - Streatham Common

Closing date: 8th October.

Shiva Get Loaded Review- Reunion at Pacha

Shiva turned out to be...well not so small. In fact really quite epic! A big white Gio Goi double decker bus was waiting with thousands of beautiful looking people scattered about all having what seemed to look like the best time of their lives...not just dancing but chatting, kissing, smoking and drinking while taking up every inch of green grass below their dancing feet. 'Get Loaded' over in this corner was like one big party. Everyone invited.....and everyone came! The beat and vibe hit me like an overwhelming surge to my senses, thumping! Barely keeping my feet on the ground it was more than effort making my way through the crowd only to get a dance with the Shiva Mascot Panda. Never one to refuse a dance, the mascot provided even more love for the event and brought the people together, not that he needed to... here whether you came with a huge group of friends or simply coming to check it out by yourself, you did not feel alone amongst the Shiva family. Love was in the air as well as the incredible music that was leaving the bus...for which one had to get closer...


The small stage commanded big respect and this impressive crowd beat all expectation as it pulled in 1,000 mounting to around 3,000 (at it's peak) which made it a definite rival with other stages. If the festival was the body, the south west corners were the lungs and the Gio Goi bus was the heart. Whether you were standing near it, dancing on it or laying underneath it - it was pumping blood round everyone's bodies... and making them move like never before. Even the bus couldn't sit still to the tunes that were flowing from it. Tipping from side to side the Goi Goi bus acted like an injection of energy pushing you to jump higher, laugh louder and dance harder! Looking out from the top deck the crowd couldn't get enough. With huge demand to get on the bus it was hard for the DJ's to pass on from each other, however they did this smoothly and without any noticeable transition. A mix of attitudes that was nothing less than professional but still keeping the fun element alive. The loyal crowd below wasn't going anywhere...An amazing mix of tracks came from Rob Alldritt. With the bar raised high Kayne delivered a big surge to the crowd and Jordan Brown showing off some class talent that went down a treat. Rob White followed on from the anthem filled set of Liam D, playing some underground balearic tunes straight from Ibiza which seemed to hit home with the crowd as he took us into the evening. People stood on each others shoulders while the mass heaved up and down - everyone wanted to get involved and yes, you could say they wanted to get loaded...quite literally.


The day finished way too early for everyone involved and it will take a night at Pacha with this amazing talent to bring us a reunion that will no doubt match up to this spectacular event, it will be hard but the Shiva boys are sure not one to disappoint... The Pacha reunion kicks off on the night of the 10th October. If you missed out on 'Get Loaded' or simply want to reminisce with the family and the tunes, then come join us for a spectacular night."

Harriette Barker

An Interview with Grant Nelson:

Tell us more about your latest tracks
The last thing I finished in the studio were my remixes of Agnes'
next single "I Need You Know" which should be out soon, and now
I'm currently working on a new single with Kimblee (vocalist from
"Fade"), a new Nice 'n' Ripe release, a new Swing City release and
a new Studio Essentials Sample library!

What's been your biggest achievement in your career?
You know what, I don't think anything could top the fact that I've
been able to spend my life doing what I love - and get paid for

If You had 10 Seconds to live what would be your last famous words?
See I told you it wouldn't be the cigarettes....


Tell Us A Joke.
A chicken and an egg are lying in bed. The chicken is leaning
against the headboard smoking a cigarette, with a satisfied smile
on his face.
The egg, looking pissed off, grabs the sheet, rolls over and says,
"Well, I guess we finally answered THAT question."

When's last Time You have embarrassed yourself ?
About 3 seconds ago telling that joke!

What's Craziest Thing You done?
I used to dance with my head inside the bassbins at raves. That
was a pretty stupid thing to do!

What Pisses You off about England?
The fact that we've become a country of corporate robots. We're a
nation of statistics that do as we are told and don't ever
question anything and we're too brainwashed to realise it. Future
generations will look back at our time and be amazed at how easy
we were to control, while all the time thinking we were making our
own decisions.

What's your favourite Club you enjoy playing at?
Currently it's my residency in Brazil @ Disco in Sao Paulo.
Brazilian’s are some of the warmest people you will meet on the
planet and they sure know how to party!

If you were allowed to choose one Album to Listen to for the rest
of your Life What Would it Be?

Earth, Wind & Fire - "I Am" So many classic tracks on one piece of

What’s Your favourite TV programme?
Don't really watch that much TV anymore to be honest, but having
said that I am feeling "Jamie's American Road Trip" at the

What Football Team You support?
I think I'm the only bloke in England that doesn't know or care
about football in the slightest.

What have you got in Store For the Shiva Faithful at Pacha ?
Plenty of re-edits and specials and some proper "get down" music!

Thanks Grant, see you on the 10th.........