Shelter 12th Anniversary Party 30th July


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Shelter 12th Anniversary Party 30th July at Soul Heaven/Southport Weekenders night at Pin Up

If your around on this date, make sure you go!

Timmy Regisford is playing and if anyone knows what this guy is about or has experienced his 12 hour sets at Shelter in New York, you'll know that this party is going to be amazing!

I can't wait, this will be my night of the summer I reckon!
...and there's me thinking it was a charity gig! I was about to commend them on their efforts towards a good cause. :confused:
Elrobbie said:
God help you if you've never even heard of Shelter.

Oh dear, is he going to srtike me down with a bolt of lightening???
Will knowledge of this contain the path to enlightenment and make me into a better person like you? :p