Shed with Penelope Logo up near Santa Eulalia


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I passed by this once while following a country road out of Santa Eulalia, but never got a chance to get a picture. I remember the beautiful Penelope logo was spray painted on an abandoned shed, which was covered with a lot of other graffiti. McCracken - do you have a picture you could share? Thanks.
don´t know that shed, but here a picture (some already gone) of ...
... the beautiful Penelope logo ...

... i always wanted to know where that great neonsign is now ?!
theres one on but i really can't be bothered trapsing through the 20,000 or so pictures again

sorry :(
Yeah, that looks like it! I went by it and should have stopped and gotten a few pics of it. Beautiful area - had a Club Tropicana, Andrew and George's jeep broken down by the side of the road moment in the country (didn't break down but was in the same areas). Next time I'm riding in capri jeans and espadrilles!