Share table Cova Santa 16 or 17 Oct?


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Anyone looking to share a table for closing weekend? We are a couple 39-40 y/o and just thought it would be nice to have people to party with :). Also we have not been yet so I’m a bit confused about it. There is dinner device, right?


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There is a dinner (finger licking food close to dancefloor and real dinner a little abroad),some people may choose to spend their 250€ on only drinks n stay close to dj booth.

With the new rules starting oct 8th , i was wondering if cova will maintain their dinners events as dancefloors will be allowed.
My minds could be ready to put 250€ if nighlife off but with nightlife on , not sure 🤔
I hope Cova Santa and ushuaia will change their format as i dont think i will be ready to put 250€-500€ especially for djs i'm not really into (never saw House djs on those lineup beside Ethno House djs from woomoon events)
i will see what's on in ibz that weekend , hoping some action that weekend vmv
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