Shane54 is looking for job,acc&friends!I'llbethere5Jun



International Party People of the World! 8)

My name is John Labas.I am 25, hungarian economics student& famous partyface in Hungary called Shane54!!! :)

This name cant be an accident :lol:

I threw my first :D at the Privilege on the legendary Manumission last year.
What did I feel? :rolleyes:
This is why I'll spent my whole summer in Ibiza this summer!
But you know it is't easy find anyone in Hungary to come with me, so i 'll go on my own.

But it will very hard arriving on this Island with a luggage... :oops:

I would thankful for any kind of your help.
My emil address is:
Contact tel: +0036 70 2779826

Thank y partypeople!!!
can any party people on the island at the time give young shane 54 a hand with his luggage?

thanks in advance
Re: Shane54 is looking for job,acc&friends!I'llbethere5J

hey, I'm Darek from Poland, going to Ibiza in the midle of June, probably flying from Berlin, also look for accom & people to party with, when are you heading there?