Sexy Scottish gals need hunky fellas to show us a good time



Hey! We are two gorgeous gals (and modest 2!) stayin' in San An Bay end of June, would be great to chat to anyone going round about same time. ;) P.S., we are only in on a Sat night cause we are saving our Euros!
hi girlies,nice to see some scots up for a piss up in ibiza!we are also two scottish girlies and well up for a fab time!hey we should meet up!!!when u going?
I am not sure if end of June means, the beggining of July as well. But my firends and I are coming to Ibiza for the first time the first week in July. Chat back if you want to meet up. We are staying at Jet apartments.

i will also be in san an bay, form the 21st of june till the 5 july.

might not be hunky but i recon i can show you young ladys and good time and a thing or 2...

will be in ibza for 2 week with 2 mates one is a bit hunky but the both head case and well mad up for it so.. if you fancy i life changing expericance they check us out..

two fellas from the states

my friend and i will be in ibiza from june 13th-21st. love to meet up with you if you would like. we are staying at es vive in the dalt villa. have a great time.
Hi girls

I'm flying over with two girlfriends on the 20th June for two weeks, I'll be busy with the two ladies, but I'm sure I can brake away and meet up with you both, especially seeing as my best mate is coming over on the 23rd, we'll show you a good time if your up for it?!
Me and a Mate will be in San An Bay (Reco des Sol) 23rd - 30th. Would be up for meeting up with any of you peeps.

Not necessarily hunky, more Chunky really.