S'estannyol Hotel San An Bay



Has anyone stayed at the s'estanyol hotel in san an bay? If so can you tell me if its any good, and whats the walk like back into san an town? Plus how far is it from kumahras? Cheers, see you over there in august!! :lol:
Yeah I think its ok. Its in the bay but not that far a walk back from San An – about 20 mins I think. It’s right on the beach where the water taxi leaves from so if you’re too lazy you can always get the boat. Kumahras is only about a 15 minute walk further into the bay from there.
im off there again this year!

it'll be my third stay there!

its nicely located in the bay, round the corner from what was pacha's playa bar!

never had any trouble with the place!
Cheers for the feedback peeps, you've put me and our lasses minds at rest. :D