Sep 4th - 11th


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Hi all,

Me and the mrs are coming 2 ibiza on the above dates and wondered if you cold make any suggestions or changes 2 our plans...

fri - unsure yet, land abt half 7. Dont want a big night, few drinks somewhere?
sat - Zoo closing party, where do i get tickets for this? chances of being sold out?
sun - a break probably, or maybe space.
monday - nothing - preparing for the next 3 days
tuesday - armin/release yourself
wednesday - subliminal at pacha maybe? anything else good?
thursday- cream obviously.

Where is the best place to pick up some wristbands/discount etc for the clubs?

Thanks in advance.

Another thing, we are at the picadilly hostel (budget as already been on hol this year) has any1 been?


Hi Mark

Depends what kind of music your into? If I was you I'd be tempted to go for We Love on Sunday and/or Cocoon on Monday.

I've had wristbands/discount flyers from the promanade in front of Bar M, also at club pre partys. Not too sure about the other side of the island.
Thanks for reply,

Trance mainly and progressive house.

Cocoon sounds good but dnt wana do Amnesia 3 times! wana mix it up abit and we're happy listening to something abit different.

Thanks, we'll keep a look out :)

also planning we get tickets to Zoo on Saturday how do we get there? any free bus? or will it be a taxi and does anyone have any idea how much it would be? cuz we arent planning on doing the boat party.

You won't get reduced tickets/wristbands for the nights you are planning to go to except maybe Armada.

The freebies are for the more smaller nights.

You can get tickets for the zoo in the pussycat bar in san an - next to the main taxi rank.

We paid 8 euro for a taxi to the zoo project from san an. On the way back I got a free disco bus.
Thanks 4 reply.

Couple other q's b4 we go.

What is the best way to get to space from san antonio?
Do any of the bars put on a bus? like Mambo etc..? or is it best to get the disco bus from Evissa then bus to PDB?

Also what tym 2 get there? plannin on hittin Bora Bora first for a while.

Thanks again.
If you know the times n where to get them from, buses are OK. Disco Bus times and day bus times are available online, just google em! Never used the Disco Bus so don't know how quick and reliable it is. The day buses round Ibiza aren't that fast but they get you from A to B and are cheap! I've usually used them while they're running early evening when I've stayed in towns that are away from Ibiza Town. I usually use a cab for hopping from Ibiza to PBD, its not that far or that much and saves another bus journey!!!

Don't think bars do buses, but if you have a taxi with a few people in, 3 or 4, I think Pacha and Space pay for it if you show a receipt? Someone else might have to confirm that!?
Me and my partner fly out tomorrow too! Our 1st stop will be Zoo Project on Saturday! Hope you have a wicked time!

Why are you going to Armin Tuesday to see Armin or Roger? Only asking because it seems you like a variation of music and if thats the case you can not miss We Love or Cocoon.. this year those 2 nights ripped every other time I've been to Ibiza apart :D
I reckon between 5 and 6, the boat party arrives at 6, so wana get a drink in n stuff b4 it gets rambo'd

We are going there Tuesday 2 see both really, My mrs has seen them both and loved them both so I wana check them out. But i'll speak 2 her and see what she fancies.
The day has finally arrived! away we go 2 the white isle! flying at 15.50 :)

for everyone else flying out today have a safe journey!