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"The club has introduced a 'fair drink price policy' with bottled water and beer being priced at just 4e, which is less than half the normal rate for other clubs on the island.
There will also be 'fast track' access (ie no queuing) if clubbers buy their tickets at the club on the night. They will still get the advance purchase discount too, provided they bring a flyer!
Eden has spent a lot of money over the winter, installing new lights, upgrading the sound and constructing a soundproofed glass VIP area overlooking the main room DJ box and dance area."

Now, I don't know about you but, while b4 I'd consider going to Clockwork Orange and Lashed, I think in it will be a must given these pricces. Lets hope other clubs follow suit. With the extra they sell I dare say that there overall income/profit will be more.

Dave Pearce at Euphoria...theyd have to batter me across the head and drag me in by my feet :lol:

Maybe they're just worried about their crowds\money..

OTOH lets hope it does set a precedent
yeh, probably will attract more beer boys.

Its superb to see Clockwork Orange on though. Pity they felt the need to move from EsParadis. I remember going 5 years ago and real clubbers queing down to the sea to get in ahhh...