Sell 'Mucky Bags' in Ibiza and Majorca




I'm looking for bars and individuals to sell 'Mucky Bags' in Ibiza, Majorca, Benidorm and Lloret de Mar this summer. A Mucky Bag is the ultimate 'pulling kit' for the 18-25 holidaymaker. It contains chat up cards, IOU's, Traffic Light Badges, condoms, Sexploit Scorecards, and even a gift such as a Willy Walker, Booby Juice, Strip Poker Dice, handcuffs or many more.

Bars can use PR staff to sell or use as giveaways. Create your own Theme nights, and get exclusivity in your area, if you can sell enough. Your gimmick this year could be Mucky Bags. Flyers can even be included.

For individuals, sell them on Booze Cruises, at 18-30 hotels, on the beach, or anywhere else. If you can sell 400 per week you can make 400 Euros per week. Try them in your own town before you go abroad. Test your ability to sell them. Supply Stag & Hen nights, DJ giveaways, private parties. If you want to sell them this summer, you need to be committed to sell them and sell lots.

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