Seeking advice for a 44-year-old landing in June


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I've explored the site fairly thoroughly but am not getting a feel for where it's best for a 44-year-old partier to locate. I'm torn between Playa d'en Bossa and San Antonio, though I'm leaning toward the former. Any advice on the best hotel? And for that matter, the best clubs for someone my age. Bear in mind that I party like a 24-year old (did Cancun last month; will be hitting Amsterdam the week prior to arriving in Ibiza on 15 June), love techno and house, that sort of thing.

well I'm a bit younger than you:)(41 this year),but for some reason I love San An...... dont ask me why:oops:

I've been going to Ibiza for nine years now, your never too old!(mind you,I'll never grow up...)

Stayed at the Gran Sol Hotel last year and stopping there again this year,best I've been in for a while,year before last stayed at the Brisa Hotel,bit"livelier" shall we say...

For Techno go see Sven Vath monday nights,Wonderland at Eden on fridays with Tongy and naturally Space on sundays.......Literally:eek::eek::eek::eek:
Also if possible go check out Ibiza Underground in San Rafael.....Hidden little gem8)


Anything else feel free to ask me.
Thanks, man. Just the kind of info I was looking for. When does the party at Space get rolling on Sundays?

Where's Wonderland, btw?
I'd go for PDB or nearby if I was you - but again its all personal taste. You have Space and Bora Bora on your doorstep, enough busy-ness to keep you going but close enough to Ibiza Town and Figueretas to enjoy your holiday without being too 'Brit's abroad'. My thoughts anyway!!
I see the "We Love Space" opening night is 14 June. Would it be worth my changing dates around to hit that specific night? Like someone else who's posted on this forum, I'm based in Iraq as a contractor. Dates are set, 11 June - 25 June, but I can make A'dam my last stop.

Also, what do people wear to these clubs? Shorts? Jeans?
I'm 31 and going to san an so you ain't the only oldies going :lol:

I recommend all the major club nights but i'm more in to my trance so i'm gonna be hitting armin van buuren's night, cream, meganite, judgement sundays, gatecrasher 8)

I don't think it's coming back...

in the early days it was still buzzing.but not like it is today with the big clubs taking was free to get in clubs back in the 80s.all you did was buy a drink from a bar in the westend.and they gave you club was poor as well.they did not cater for the brits very well.there was one outdoor club in san an.that was ace.forgot its name now.just up from eden-for which star was its old name.trips to playa den bossa were ok.but there was not much there.just a few hotels and main street bars.not like it is now.

no named djs apart from oaky claim to fame was i saw Wham in the star club.(eden),G M .told me to f off when i asked him a question.still i do thing ibiza is getting its act together least they are doing places up.and better roads systems.

mine you i am not the oldest person still going to ibiza.i know a few couples who have been going since 1978/9,when there was just one hotel and a beach bar in pdb.
woody its about time you bought a place over there,you obviously love it.YOU could rent your place out to me 2 or 3 times a year.LOL
amount of times i have been over the years.yes i could have bought a place.just had a small break in the 90s.but was back onit around 96.i used to go 4/5 times a year.when i was seeing one woman.went for two weeks in may once.and two weeks later we was down to just two times a year.but stay for longer.15/16 or 18 days.
hiya am 21 and my bf 26 we went san antionio in sept its better i think more laid back but we have booked jet apartments as we loved the classy laid back feel we got from bora bora. but its ur holiday and i think its brill ur still partying at ur age. love it :)
more slower pace.and not so many drunks on bar crawls.infact not being sad.but over the years i can tell you from miles away which planes are landing.great views coming over the old town.when your on the beach you can sometimes even see the people inside waving.always give the plane a wave.they don;t know you i say.back home your somebody.when your away your nobody.
ive been going since 1986 and im 43 this year. We tried staying in playe den bossa a few times & while its handy for space pacha & ibiza town we usually ended up drawn to san antonio each nite which ended in expensive taxi fares back to the hotel. You will have a ball regardless of age or location you choose. its trying to fit it all into a week
Have a great time
pdb here we come

Hi yes I am just 40 and will be with my mum 60 in ibiza in June. Having had a fab time in pdb with an older crowd a few years ago i would definately reccommend it= you can always go to San An during your stay but at least you can escape the teens on a bender! Unless you fancy that. what dates are you there?Tabs
yep your never too old for ibiza.i treated my folks last oct to 11 days.non stop.they loved it.75/72 years dad just missed space i know for sure would off nip down the road to listen to the music.mine i know you don;t have to even get near the hear the outside area tunes begin played.loved the way the people i owners ect.treated my folks like royals.a touching gesture.