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dont know whether this is in the right section but it is a question and it's not about clubbing so thought i'd ask anyway. has anyone seen james75 about cos he hasnt posted on here like all last week and it aint like him? just wondering incase he's like sneaked off to ibiza or something for a wee holiday and hasnt told us.
also........ was just thinking about the title of this topic, "search party". i wonder who thought to call it that? party's are usually quite serious affairs when someone is lost in the bush or somethin and alf stuart and the v man have to go out in teams to look for them and yet the word party is used in the phrase, which would suggest everyones having a good time and nothing serious is wrong at all. its all very confusing dont ya think? maybe not...........ill just get my coat then.

yeah the bored is very quite without him....but i know that he has just bought decks, so he is prob spending his 'spare time on them at the mo!!!

He'll back soon...
I think you all know a bit too much about each other. :D

But I agree I'm bored as well as my days at work are now spent mainly trying to do work instead of chatting. Where is everyone?
je ne sais pas (thats french by the :lol:
has been very quiet on here during the day. i would know, i sit waiting in anticipation all day for someone to post. yes i know wot your thinking..............spottydogs a really cool thought........thats really sad(right thought ) and yes i know it is but to be fair i work in a call centre and have nothing better to do. so there it is...........i need james back to write some really interesting posts for me to read! lol.... :oops:
ps. you all write really interesting posts too so keep em going its just james writes loads'n'loadsa posts.........keep digging :rolleyes:
you can always tell when someone is bored cos they just write utter crap, hey spotty hahahaha!!!!
What interesting topics are we looking for? Controversy, Wishes, Dreams, Romances, Flings? I'm going to have 4 days of almost nothingness at work and need to pass my time somehow so someone has got to have something interesting to say.

I'll have my review tomorrow on tonights Smirnoff event with Tyrant and Morillo and as for today I'm at a loss of what to tell you. I did see "Catch me if you can" last night with friends, its an ok movie. Dicaprio was good in it but I don't think its award winning as the buzz around Spielberg movies go. It's also quite interesting how a 17 year old kid managed to have the FBI looking for him for years, American justice at its finest...hehe! (That was mean).

Anyways can anyone tell me about Tyrant?
don't know much about Tryant, i think they play triablly music, i know they have been going together for years, and i know that they have a tryant cds out, but thats as much as i know, sorry!!!
dont know anything really about tyrant. have heard of him but not heard him. anyway have a really class night tonight bbc as im sure you will. say hi to erick for me and looking forward to the review. :lol:
Tyrant is two DJ's called Lee Burridge and Craig Richards. They are residents at London's Fabric and play deep house with a bit of dub, electro and funk thrown in.

Good if you are interested in a bit of quality music as opposed to all the trance/Armin Van Talentless/Tiesto rubbish you get these days.
sounds good. have you seen them live i take it comin' at ya? lol @ me for calling tyrant him. would definately say your in for a bit of a wicked night bbc but could you not have taken tomorrow off work? my advice would be to call in sick, now even. :p
As for calling in sick Spotty, I don't think it'll fly cause I was sick 2 days last week and I wasn't lying. (I hate using sick days as real sick days).
As for the coming into work, since my VP is gone on vacation my boss (who knows I'm going out tonight and not getting any sleep) told me I could leave at noon on Friday if I wanted to go home to sleep. I said I would think about it depending on how I feel. 'Tis the season...I guess although I think if I actually do take off at noon tomorrow it'll come back to haunt me so I will probably ride it out. I'll hope I don't end up falling asleep at the ballet. :confused:

Thanks for the Tyrant update, I did know it was a duo of Burridge and some other guy, glad to know I'm going to hear some dirty house tonight!!! I LOVE DANCING TO HOUSE, as the song goes HOUSE MUSIC ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!