Schools for kids



Anybody can tell me how the scolar sistem is in Ibiza?? I have a 5 years old girl and I'm planning to live in Ibiza for at least one year. Thanks a lot!!
each village or community has at least one local state run school. spain recently did very well in the european schools test (pisa study), so you could easily send your daughter to one of these.

try to pick one where the subjects are not taught solely in catalan (local dialect). there are many in which both castellano and catalan are taught.

there are also several private schools

morna valley - english private school near san carlos.

can blau - deutsche schule in san agustin.

french school in sant jordi. if you are a french citizen, the french government will help pay for the school fees.

i suppose the choice of school depends on how well your daughter speaks spanish (if at all) and how much local integration you wish.

contact your local spanish embassy to find out how and when to apply
you'd never know that james' young son was about to enter the education system would you?
:lol:....ehehehe.......I thought so..............the info were very detailed!!!

One more is the crime rate?? It is safe living on the island??
we have crime like everywhere else.
more in summer when millions of unsuspecting tourists are here - very little in winter. just be as careful as you would in your hometown