School Disco @ ES PARADIS 2009


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every sunday from august 2nd :!:

as previously mentioned, prang has been cancelled....

Ibiza school Disco is a concept already huge in the UK and Europe. The idea is simple and brings back the fundamentals of fun clubbing. The seriousness of going out and listening to famous DJs is costing the industry thousands in expensive headliners. Our motto is simple give the people what they want, the music that they want and the atmosphere that they want with a price that they can afford.

Each month we change the theme and get everyone involved. From the door staff and production crew to the customers that enter through the door.

Our events in the UK combine a bit of both, we use the fun element of dressing up like you was in school with some cool credible Old School PA’s and DJ’s. Not only that but for the first time we will be bringing a Popcorn party to Ibiza!

Our mission is to put the FUN back into clubbing, we are in IBIZA and we want to party. If we can bring the west end clubbers to a super club rather than a dark dingy bar and give them exactly what they want, then we are more powerful then any super star DJ.

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