Sat at Bed with Morillo



Well the day started off a bit messy after a couple of dozen people came back to party at mine after friday night and sleep was not on the menu.

Managed to raise my mates and get to Sheffield by 3pm though and chill in RSVP bar with some fine beer and tasty food, then back to the Hotel to get ready and polish off Three bottles of wine, nice.

Got into the old fire station bar by 9ish and had a few JD's then off to Bed by 10:30, a little early but this proved to be the right idea as it was already pretty full!

Met up with the rest of our gang in the white room out the back and then moved into the main room where resident Corey was playing. This guy always impresses me, i really liked the tunes he was playing, quite dirty and tough mainly.

Saw a few people in the club with 'I love NY' t-shirts on, ahhhhh memories of previous good times with Mr.M :D

Morillo came on at midnight and got a cheer from the rammed dancefloor, then even more people descended on the floor and it got a bit silly, busiest i've ever seen the main room and as usual the aircon was near non-esixtent :rolleyes: Much too busy and far too hot, some of my mates had to retreat to the back room as they couldnt bare the heat :( Come on Bed sort it out, its not like you cant afford it :rolleyes:

Last years April Bed set by Morilllo was amazing, i think i heard most of the big tunes of the summer for the first time there. Unfortunately i then heard the same tunes again on Saturday....insatiable,praised cats etc.....How long has Erick been dropping that Praised Cats/Rip groove mess up for now?!? Yep....heard that again. There were a lot of good tunes and i had a good time, but there werent the REALLY good new tunes that i'd expect to hear, like last year.

Maybe i missed them when i was out of the main room, as i did go into the back room and had a look upstairs so probably missed about 45 minutes of Morillos set in all. We ended up leaving at 4ish, Morillo was still playing (was supposed to finish at 4) but the set really wasnt good enough at the end to keep us there, every set i've heard him play i the past has been massive at the end and kept me glued to the dance floor.

Managed to get a taxi straight away and went back to party at our hotel. When we got in, we found 2manydjs playing on Radio 1 which was cool, so proceeded to get as much wine and Bud from the night porter as we could and had our own carry on :lol:

Dont think i'll be going to See Erick again in the UK this summer, hopefully he'll have put a few new records in his bag by September/Ibiza! Or CD's, lol, as he was playing from them quite a bit on Saturday which didnt help the mixing!

Good night, but could have been better.
Thanks babe :D I think I was at the same Erick night at Bed last year as you and you're right he blew the place apart then, but come on Erick sort it out and get some new records. You'd think with all his money he would be able to afford a few new tunes, instead of coming out with Insatiable etc again :rolleyes:

Like you said I'm not going to go out of my way to see him in England, he's playing The Cross in July so I might go to that but apart from that I am going to wait to see him in Ibiza and hope he's got some new records in his box by then lol :p