Sasha launches new compilation series


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Global Underground has confirmed a new Sasha compilation, the first in a new series of which will be available from Spring 2004. The new series will feature 3 or possibly 5 volumes including a DJ mix, new remixes, re-edits as well as unreleased productions. It's a refreshing perspective from the artist Sasha who isn't ready to do another dj mix compilation or production album. Whether there is going to be a new remix of Sasha's classic 'Xpander' isn't certain, according to Chris Lamb of Global Underground.

"After doing dj mixes for the past 12 years, the thought of doing another one was not thrilling any of my buttons. It's an exciting concept. I see it as a definite progression - an evolution- in my career. This is something we've been attempting to do for 15 years, since the whole DJ phenomenon occurred," says Sasha.

Sasha's dedication and hard work has not only earned him the highest respect as both DJ and producer, it is also proof that he is one of very few who can embark on such a project. Sasha will do a pre-release tour in Los Angeles, New York and at Robert Redford's annual Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah, where Global Underground will launch its first party. The 10 day event is an ideal setting for Global Underground and Sasha.

"More and more electronic DJs and producers are getting into film work. We want that world to know about Sasha. This will help with that," says Chris Barbour, US label manager for GU.