So is anyone concerned about SARS and Ibiza? Are there many tourists in Ibiza from effected areas?
i couldnt give a monkies, im just sooo wrapped up in enjoying myself, and thats all that matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SARS hasnt effected Toronto clubbing much, and toronto is one of the hardest hit cities. I cant forsee SARS becoming a problem in Ibiza at all.. The only thing that might is if people are still afraid to fly.
Well Robo, If you wife's cousin was in a coma for 2 weeks due to an unidentified respiratory illness maybe you'd ask the question too.

As for the "stupid person" comment...All I can say in reply is Piss Off Wanker
Hey!!!!! dont you pick on Our Robo!

Lol, hes my friend!

honestly i dont think his intent was too offend but his point was fair!

on what scale is this virus spreadin?

not a lot really, when you think of the population out there, plus the numbers of new cases has already been decreasing!
When you gonna go... your gonna go...

When I was at the full moon party last year in Thailand they assumed a terroist attack would take place due to the vast amount of tourists and westerners in one perfect place...

An Ibiza club would be a perfect target hey?? But its not worth talking aboout what could happen in any sense..

Live fast.... Die young...

Hope she gets better soon gaffa...
there have been absolutely no cases of sars in Ibiza since the whole scare began.

i would be very surprised indeed if anyone from Ibiza was in China during this time - after April is such a lovely month here.

and there are very few chinese tourists here at any time.

very sorry to hear about wife's cousin, please be assured that ibiza is as safe as you can get, and sorry if some of the other comments were a bit harsh - i think we just look at it from a european perspective (i.e. little or no sars)

I am not personally too worried, but I do think this was a very fair question to ask in light of the current situation. SARS is spreading like wildfire in the places where it has so far occured and governments are getting very concerned about it. Fact is that people travel from all across the globe to get to ibiza, so there is still a risk factor there. Admittedly, its a much smaller risk, but I guess the people in canada saw themselves as pretty safe at one point didnt they?
it's a holiday who cares..should be more worried about the lookie lookie men

garage men on strike, or coach drivers on strike and that wonderfull ibiza drinking water that goes striaght thropugh you..
Yep, I don't think SARS will be an issue in Ibiza.

Well not unless it's Sun,Alcohol & Raving Syndrome! In which case I will have a severe case of this for about a week! :lol:
I wouldn't worry too much about SARS. TO is officially SARS free and to be honest the supposed epidemic didn't change anything about my life. Just take the necessary precautions like washing your hands (which should be done anyways) and you should be fine.
From the cases in TO most of the people who died already had an illness which became deadly with the virus.