sarching contact to girls on Ibiza who stayed also in the winter


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hi iam seaching nice girls who are stayed also in the winter on ibiza. to do together some nice things.
Hey man you sound like an east European pimp.....

Improve your English and you may have better luck.:lol:
They will understand its neanderthal format allright but your prose needs to be a little more poetic if you are to attract the Fairer sex...........

Maybe it would be better to use your own language?
Ah come on nobody care´s about .how i write english.anyway i not searching here someone to married . Just to have fun!!!!!!!!!
Writing is a form of communication between people.

If the writing is poor, then the communication will be poor and your message may be lost in Translation.

Its like No Comprende and No Comprendo sounds the same but different meaning.
bez, i thought we'd sorted out a while ago who the administrator was on this forum? you leave it to me how we deal with the incorrect use of the english language by non-native speakers on here. ok?