Santa Eularia covered market


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Does anyone know where the covered market is in relation to the bus station?I think 'Pomelo Restaurant' is inside there?:?:
if you look up to the hill from the bottom of the bus area - you have a road going left to right in front of you

go left past the little concession and ticket booth and there are 3 bars and a video game place at the end - before you get to the first bar there is an alleyway that takes you to the market

or do what we all do and go and see walter and brioney in pomellos (at the end of that road) and have a beer and then go out their "back door" into the market
Thats great,thankyou!
Do you mean the top road that goes back to the roundabout towards Ibiza Town?
no - its the road below the bus area - it runs parallel to the road youre describing and behind the town hall

i'd love to give you a link to a google map of santa eulalia that details it all but they wont let me ;)