San Francisco / The Bay


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Done one of these threads before, but heading out in a few days for 3 weeks.

Looking for recomendations on tours, cheap stuff to do. in the city during the day.

Spotted a city centre architecture tour that looks interesting. Plan on checking out the new Science building in the Park as well. Any more tips folks?
Alcatraz is a must if you havent done it - walking round that place with headphones on listening to the commentary is so so scary - enough to put you off any criminal activity no matter how small..... :lol::lol:

San Simeon (William Hearst Castle) - is fantastic if you can get to it - its a bit of a drive but worth it if you have the time

Golden gate Park - go to it through Haight and Ashbury (always worth a look/laugh at the ageing hippies - still befuddled and living life through a purple haze from the swinging 60's). The park has some fantastic places, Botanical Gardens, De Young Museum - amazing views over San Fran.

Visit Pacific Heights - thats outstandingly beautiful - the archicture is gorgeous

China Town is awsome - its so noisy and so frantic.

A walk round the Castro is interesting - the only place I felt slightly uncomfortable holding hands with a member of the opposite sex :lol::lol::lol: and annoyed that Phil was getting checked out far more than I was... :lol::lol::lol:

So Jealous - would love another visit to SF.... I really didnt appreciate it so much the first time we went - I was more of a beach person than a city person....
Definitely doing Alcatraz tour this time. Missed it the last time due to bad planning, thought it'd be a case of rocking up on the day and going on the tour but you had to book 4 or 5 days in advance so had to make do with a boat trip around the island.

Been to the De Young as well, very cool building. Will no doubt be back in there as well (think you get in free after 4!). Theres a new big science building opened up in the Park as well I'm wanting to check out.

Gonna be quite a few days I'll have to myself to wander around the city. Thats why i thought booking up for a couple of tours might be a good idea, will make me look at stuff I might not have otherwise checked out.

Cheers PL!
I lost about half a stone in the week we were there - the walking up and down hills is brilliant - I ate like a horse and drank like a fish and still lost weight... :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Under the trades description act you wont be able to call yourself FatPhil after this trip.....
I dunno, I put on loads of weight the last time I was there. Eating out every night, In'N'Out 4x4's, Beer every night. Mind you, we tended to drive everywhere. I'll be on foot mostly, need to take the train up from the bay in the morning, and train it back again at midnight.

I'd recommend the same as PL, Alcatraz is a must, I loved it, if you want a good view of the city you can go to a bar at the top of the Bank of America building and there are fantastic views of the city. I thought San Fran was fantastic, generally good weather and you've got the wine valleys, Yeosmite National Park and Lake Tahoe only a few hours away.
Possibly camping in Yosemite one weekend, but depends on weather since we'll have a 3 year old in tow :)

I was going to hire a car, but my credit card is a little ravaged along one end and looks dodgy, and the cnuts wont replace it in time (yea, yea, my own fault etc.).

Cal-train all the way