san antonio or playa den bossa?


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hi everyone

just adding this thread because i am going to ibiza for the first time in mid july. I just want to know what people feel is the better place to stay at, San antonio or Playa den bossa? i and my mates are going for the clubbing but also for the beaches etc u get the drift. We will hit 3 of the main clubs but want to go round the bars and that for the other 4 nights of the hol.

We are going to stay at either the jet apartments (playa den bossa) or sunshine apartments or playa bella (san antonio). If you have been to any of these and could shead some light on how good these are that would be even better. Not expecting the world for what were going to be paying at these places as been on lads holidays before and know what the crack is with accomodation just if anything really is bad about any of the three above.

cheers everyone and any help will be good help

Short but sweet ...

Depends what your looking for. I found Ibiza Town more sophisticated (not sure if that's the right word, but you know what I mean).

I, personally, would never go to any of the San An clubs (Eden or Es Paradis), so don't let them 2 sway you. Although, if your on a bit of a budget, the West End can get you out of trouble, as can Linekers etc.

But like I siad, it really depends what your loking for. I'm 26 now and this yr I have booked a Villa in San Rafeal, which is kinda in-between the pair.

Theirs more 'to do' in San An I'd say, also you got the sunset strip.

Ibiza town is nearer to Pacha, El Divino etc.

Also, their are some cool shops their, but then again, so has San An.

I stayed in the Reco Des Sol (San An) last yr & it was blinding. Not too noisy at night, we were probably the worst. Then later on in the yr I stayed in Ibiza Rocks (San An again), which was MENTAL, but I found myself venturing out of San An for my musical & surrounding preference, Space, El Divino, Pacha, Amnesia, didn't go Privalidge this yr.

Just my opinion of how I found it, as I've said, depends on what your looking for ?
i have been to both resorts in the last 4 years

san antonio is more lively and has more bars and cafes to spend your day in
also has the west end eden and es paradise at night aswell as the bars heaing in to the bay.

playa den bossa has a more relaxed chilled out vibe but still has bora bora beach if your looking for a good time i stayed across from the jet apartments last year they lopked realy good

cant realy go wrong by going to either resort
During my 10 years in Ibiza I stayed 8 times in San An, it's the perfect place for me....

I think that PDB has lost a great part of its appeal....
san antonio is horrendous........ *spews*
Nice balanced arguement you put forward there discoplayer:spank::rolleyes:

I love staying in San Antonio- the accomodation is generally cheaper there, there's watersports, fantastic restaurants, markets, Sunset Strip, Kumharas in the bay (best place for a sunset imho), cheap enough transport to practically anywhere else on the island. All that without even once mentioning the West End (which is usually the area of San Antonio that most people use to disparage San Antonio as a whole). The West End which covers a massive area of two or three streets and therefore couldn't possibly be avoided if you didn't want to go there:rolleyes:

Some people let their own churlish snobbery prevent them from eating in some of the finest restaurants on the island, attending the regular craft fairs held at the church or finding out what may lie past their own preconcieved notions of what San Antonio is today as opposed to what it was like 10 years ago.