San Antonio Fiesta 2009


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There's never a dull moment in Ibiza's second city this month. It's fiesta time in San Antonio and it kicked off with a bang on Saturday with the annual Flower Power fiesta. DJ's in the town's marquee were complimented by live music in the streets from the Blues Mafia Big Band and Can Raia Rock band who played on the back of a wagon touring the town.

Here are the highlights of this year's programme which unless otherwise stated takes place in the marquee in the 'fountains' square where the Christmas and New Year celebrations were held.

10 21.30 Flower Power
11 14.00 Charity Lunch
15 20.30 Country wine competition (Bar Can Tixedo, Forada)
16 20.00 BBQ, Body and Soul present 'Elements' plus entertainment
17 08.30 Kids' Pyjama Party
17 13.00 Blessing of the Animals (Town Hall)
17 14.30 Dog Agility Competition (Arenal Beach)
17 21.30 Guateque – Spanish Music from the 60's and 70's
18 10.00 Moto Cross (Can Coix)
18 10.00 Duathlon (S'Atalaia)
18 10.00 Dog Agility (Arenal Beach)
18 10.30 Country Festival (Agricultural Cooperative)
18 20.30 Concert 'A Night at the Cinema' with baritone Javier Chivite
23 21.00 Hip Hop Night
24 10.00 Paintball (Gala Night)
24 12.00 San Antonio Motor Show (Karting San Antonio)
24 13.00 Tapas and Pinchos Competition
24 21.30 Homage to the 60's and 70's in San An! Live music and dancing
25 11.00 Kite Flying Fiesta (Ses Variades)
25 12.00 Multi Cultural Fiesta with food and people from around the world
30 19.00 Dance show with Tuty Alcazar
30 20.30 Flamenco Night with live music and dancing
31 10.00 Valencian food and folklore
31 22.00 La Movida – 80's and 90's fiesta!

1 10.00 'Porkers' cycling tour
1 10.00 Trial Bikes (Can Coix)
7 10.00 Stocks Fair – Outlet shop
7 20.00 Moonlight Hike to Santa Ines (Town hall)
8 10.00 Stocks Fair – Outlet shop
8 11.00 Extreme Running Fun Competition (Arenal Beach)​