san antonio bay and town...



how far is it from the bay to the town?? i wont be having a car so how long would it take to walk? ...
do they have boats that go across to san antonio town?? ... how would i get there, i dont have a clue how far it is.

I think its about 2km so as a guess 15 to 20 min walk depending on how you feel!!
It's not really a bad walk. We'll be doing it this year. A nice walk probably will work wonders after/before a rough night.
so Canadakid.....your staying in San An Bay.....i guess i'll be doing the walk into town and back like you....where you staying....?
you can also take the regular bus or the ferries which depart hourly from many little landing stages along the bay

Please don't walk about in the dark if there are less than 4 of you - its not safe - especially if you are girls!