San Antonio 28th Sept



Anyone going the same ime as us four girls? Would love to meet up with others we will be there for a week from sept 28th.
same time as Belfast lads

i'm going with 2 mates and we are all from Belfast and we've been a couple of times now so if u want showing around we could help as we fly out on the 20th and back 2 weeks l8r.
Drop me an email
group of of five boys from the midlands with five years of ibiza clubbing on board will be arriving on the 260802, picked a good week to go me thinks, you'll have to list your plans to see if our paths cross... :) :)
meeting end of august


I'm going to ibiza from the 25 August untill 1th of september.may be we can have a meeting?I Live in San Antonio!!
Re: meeting end of august

how can you because she is gunna be there from 28th SEPTEMBER onwards and ur gunna be there from 25th AUGUST - 1ST SEPTEMBER
I dont think you'll find many people flying out on the 28th sept, the only good party from then is the space closing.
i will be there then cool, i'm arriving on the night of the 26/8/2, sorry to the rest of ya as i've gotten into the wrong thread by mistake :oops:

me and my 4 mates from liverpool are goin on 24thaug and i'll be there till the 1st sept should be a scream!!!!
an understatement huntie, but yes one ta remember me thinks! :eek:
Hello - I'm working on a Channel 4 programme and looking for outgoing articulate young women who are going on holiday before the end of August and would love to talk to people further about the programme. Do email me or call on 020 7482 5885. Cezza