San An + clubs 29/08 - 05/09


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I thought i would give some details of how our holiday went. I have enjoyed reading the other content when overexcited. Anyway I hope it is not too long.

We were in a mixed group of 8, with 4 girls 4 lads, with others coming and going throughout the week. We stayed at the San Remo S'Estanyol complex, we had all inclusive the food was average, I'm not fussy and you get what you pay for. The 'free' bars were good, plenty of selection and fast enough. It did for us on the Sunday anyway...

We had a later flight so didn't get into Ibiza until 23:30, we were all wrecked after an eventful flight. We got to the hotel and got changed then went straight to Space for Hed Kandi. The girls wanted to go to Space and it seemed the best fit for the nights we were there. In fairness I can't fault it, we were all wrecked and enjoyed it. The detail is lost. I can report that the Spotlight tickets are no bother :)

Sunday was our first full day and after staying up from the night before we embarked on what now can only be described as a schoolboy mistake bender. The girls were nosediving under the table by early evening and we weren't much better. Went up for a nap before Judgement Sunday, endless to say we didn't get up. I would usually organise it but it was too big an ask. That is the biggest regret, not wasting the ticket, but missing Cosmic Gate. I wanted to see what they do live. Armin’s ASOT remains to be my best coverage…

After a few years going to the island I had a plan of the nights. Monday had been pencilled in as a West End Session. That is what we did, had a good drink early then headed out. The final resting place was the Highlander for a few Guiness don't ask why but it was better than pints of G&T like some of the other goons!

Tuesday meant Clubland @ Es Paradis. This one was for the girls but to be honest I was looking forward to it as well. We had all the classic tunes from the early days, Ultrabeat and the like and the best extra curriculars of the holiday. MC Domino was hilarious, completely unneccessary MCing and I couldn't stop thinking about DJ Talent for about a day afterwards. He would have been better. Not for the trance purist but certainly a great night, comes highly recommended for a laugh.

I had been looking forward to giving BoHo a try, liked the idea of it being relatively new and it sounded a good shout. From the start; the drinks are not noticeably cheaper but it is still good. It had been earmarked only with Atomik Allstars (who?) and the Tidy Boys. On the night Alex Kidd was on. Absolutely dynamite, his set was something else, you will not search out a baseline with him. 10/10 from the guy. His Kiddstock Theme remix of la Roux seemed to be well liked by the DJs as well, heard from Sander K as well. Two dyno nites in a row.

On Thursday during the day we had booked a boat party. As soon as we were heading out after what seemed like a 5 hour and was in fact a 3 hour wait I was starting to get visions of another schoolboy session. The fact that the bar was busy for the free hour and 8 for a drink thereafter meant that wasn’t a risk. The boat parties will always be fun if only to say I forgot to pack my sea legs. The DJs were good quite well placed for the mood with what I would call funky house. Talked to them about Alex Kidd and the song came on again (after this holiday I wonder if DJs know more than one Alex K tune) anyway it was a good buzz. Had a swim in the sea larked about with man over board, had some champagne and then it was time to hoist the main brace and set sail back. It was made better knowing PVD + Giuseppe were just around the corner :)

After those 2 nights and day some people were flagging a bit. I tend to dance a lot and I am fond of a shout to the DJ, maybe a more Scottish way but I enjoy it more doing that and it was developed in the Arches. It keeps me going and I knew those tactics would get dwarfed by the main room @ Amenisa! We arrived, used the final Spotlight tickets without event and we were glad of them. The guest list queue was ridiculous, I would honestly prefer to pay than do that. The 'internet list' was good, first time the ID came out and it is the true guest list.

Arrived in the club to see PVD on, already getting there. I was disappointed in a way because I thought that mean Giuseppe had finished... anyway had a few beers got the group up for it then attempted to get in the mixer. If you want advice on this I would say the best way is to go wide round past the bars then cut in. People don't usually mind as long as you utilise the space :) PVD was class as ever, the remixes (Kings of Leon etc) are gash but provide time for a beer and pish. About 5:30 and my mate asks is that Giuseppe (Ottaviani)? As he sees a character hovering around his side of the DJ box and indeed it was.

The classical trained pianist turned DJ came out and was quality once again, he is fast becoming one of my favourites, it was ideal and his set happily took us right past 6:30. He doesn’t let you down and is still fresh enough that he doesn’t mind playing the tunes you recognize or reusing parts elsewhere. It is that familiarity across the course of a set that I like, especially in Ibiza especially later on.

What’s more it is a phenomenon that I still don't understand the leaving early? It is only ever an hour more and my thinking is your bed/vodka for more drink will still be there after and sometimes these DJs deserve your attention. Needless to say we were loving life.

Friday night was the final night, we had a late flight the next day so we could have a proper night. We headed to Ibiza Town straight from the bars of San An and went directly into Pacha. We had got tickets @ plastik for 47 + a free drink. Was maybe a bump but i didn't want to mess about on the last night. The thought being Pure Pacha would be more on the door anyway. Once in the dancing it was clear that it was going to be a different crowd. Seemed Spanish mainly and chilled out Spanish at that. The lack of dancing was laughable but it thought it may just have been the DJ. His highlight was the Alex K tune, I'm sure my shouts got through that time. Reminiscing about BoHo with shouts of “Alex Alex Alex f***ing Kidd” it let him know we knew what was going on anyway J not that swearing in a club is big or clever J Sander Kleinenberg came on and his hairstyle suited the clientele. A bit over the top trendy and getting in the way of a really good party. The set was decent, one of the lads likes techno and is fan. I found myself thinking we were due a bass line, most of the times it came to be fair but it quickly went. The atmosphere improved @ the front but it was mainly the Dutch who were up for it.

It was a passable last night but it was an overall disappointment. Going to Pacha was a box that had to get ticked however as I (we) had never been. 12 euro a beer was sharp but we were used to it by then. Stayed until about 6 because the others were tired and i didn't feel bad leaving him at it.

Overall appraisal, it was probably the best Ibiza yet. There are details that I haven't mentioned here that make it up there, just the small things, how everyone gets on etc. The DJs seemed really up for it and for the most part so did the crowd.

Alex Kidd was a very welcome addition, PVD and Giuseppe were excellent. Space is a good venue and our wreckedness didn’t do it justice.

Ibiza doesn't seem to be getting quieter although the front of the dancings will always be busy.

And that is about it. The dreams are even finished now which is sad :) :(