SAME NIGHT - Coxy "or" Tiesto On September 12



Provide me with your feedback.....

which one would you rather see/hear spin IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN/HEARD either one.....

Cox or tiesto ARE SPINNING SAME night different club.

I WOULD PREFER COXY ... what about you guys? and gals!

cox and tiesto...can you do both?

same night, diff club....!

how far is space from Amnesia?

Thanks for the info... 6 miles

what about DJ preference.... thx...
Tiesto would be it if I've not seen or heard them....

Tiesto would still be having seen and heard both!!!!...he's cuter..haha
(no offence)
But if you've got the $$ ...go to both!...
i was at the opening of cox and it was fantaaaaastic!

i have never been to cream :oops: in all the 8 years it has been here :eek: but it is also good.

both will be busy - cox will be more international crowd.
when are you going tiesto guy?

2nd week of sept?

and you're going to see 2 hours of tiesto and 4 hours of coxy?

is that right?
Funny, I was also thinking : why the hell does it have to be Tiesto and Coxy on the same night :x both are brilliant jocks that I'd love to see....

I have seen Tiesto (for 1st time) @ Amnesia last year, as expected non-cheesy and uplifting trance / tight's just that the dj is way the hell up there about 15 metres above the crowd, so it is difficult to see the dj.......something I find important personally....

I have seen Carl Cox 2 X in Canada, last time being about 3 years ago, so I really need a good dose of the Godfather and his whoop-ass, funky techno ! ! The energy this guy creates anywhere he goes continues to be legendary....and 12 Sep/02 is his CLOSING PARTY, at Space ! and with renowned Techno producer Chris Liebing also gracing the decks.....put this all together and it is garanteed to rip the roof off Space ! ! and yes, we get to see Coxy up close in the confines of Space !

So if you have never seen either, I would recommend Coxy 4 sure ! Hope to meet up with some people from this board on this night to see Coxy ! !

;) Christian
Awesome response!

I missed Tiesto when he was spinning in Los angeles...! fock that..

I missed Coxy twice (once in L.A. and once in New York) due to thunderstorms! fock that as well...

Have not seen EITHER ONE... since coxy will be spinning from 10pm until 12pm.. will def check him FOR THE FIST TIME.

And Tiesto will be spinning 20 minutes away from 2am until 4pm, so will TRY TO CHECK HIM OUT as well since i will not be back to see him in europe or him coming to the States any time soon!

Will def be a good idea to meet up either before or during at SPACE!

its all good!
In my opinion I'd see Carl Cox just because he's so damn happy to be spinning to appreciative people. Mind you Tiesto was really getting into his set as well and playing to the crowd the last time I saw him.

I've seen Cox 3 times and Tiesto 2 times, if you can see them both, do it. Really I don't know what the hell I'm talking about:0. I like them both...You're the one who has to make the decision, have fun no matter who you decide to check out:)
Thanks for the info...bbc6673

will try to do both! i think we will!

I'm out there on the 12th too and was planning to go to Space after seeing Tiesto at Amnesia for the am party.
I thought it was Alex P and Brandon Block on at Space though, so are you saying Coxy's on at Space that night/morning?????????
If he is I can predict it is going to be a very special 12 hrs!!!!!!!!
Anybody know for definate?
Tiesto's schedule

according to this website.... he's there from 3a-5am so def will be there!
Now you guys managed to confuse me...
First you said Cox would play at 10pm-12am, then form 3am-5am... I´d also like to check both Cox and Cream so I need some help on what time the DJs are going to spin at. How can I find that out ? On the internet they mostly display only the lineups without the time schedules...
Coxy at 10p 12/09 and Tiesto at 3am on 13/09

i hope that helps...

Tiesto will be spinning a diff date diff club.. you can find his timeschedule by going to his own website...

have a fantastic weekend!
how could you even ask a question like that....

DEF CARL FAAAAAAAAAWKING COX......he will drive you into the dancefloor harder then anyone i he hand picks his dj's so its a safe bet that the opener will also tear you up as well......

i was there for carl cox 03 and it was complete was soppose to end at 6 but it went til about 6:45 and they also stamped your hand on the way out for free admsission to space from between 8-9am....