Safe's in hotel paraiso


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Just wondered if anyone has stayed in the apartments at Hotel Paraiso in San an? If so do they have anywhere i will be able to lock away my vinyl???? really don't want to leave it in my apartment. Or is there anywhere in town??
Hi again, I stayed in the Paraiso last year and although I would be in any rush to stay in San An again, if I did, I would stay in the Paraiso. very lively and really good craic. There are little safes in every room but if you ask in reception (very helpful) I'm sure they have a safe there too.
I stayed there last year, it is a really good hotel. The safety deposit boxes in the rooms arent big enough to store your records, but I found a good hiding place last year in my room for my money so if you dont have any luck with reception Im pretty confident your records will be safe if you can find somewhere to hide them in your room