Russ's Review!



Well, what can I say apart from had the best week of my life! Intially went with my step brother Chris but the second day we were there met up with a couple of lads from this site called Micky and Aron. Met at Cafe del mar and got on really well so ended up spending most of our holiday with them, nice one again moderators for the site!!

Arrived Thur 12th Sept at hotel, stayed at Hotel Tropical with 18-30's but didn't do anything they wanted to do! Had a few beers on the balcony and went to bed. Got up in the mornin and walked around town and headed to Mambo's for a few drinks. Felt very chilled there with some really funky chilled music. Got our ammnesia tickets for cream on the way back. Went to Del mar and then Bar M before catching the free bus to amne. Bar M I highly recommend, nice bar with nice people, some of the bar staff not so chilled though! Went to Cream, and O MY GARD, what a club! Tall Paul was playing, did a great set, the smoke machine there is also awesome! Cools you down right when you need it. So had a top night there. As expected drink prices high but didn't drink much apart from water, bout 6 euro's a bottle.

Friday 13th, Slept most of the day and went down to del mar, met Micky and Aron and went off to Coastline and Bat M again. Then got our tickets for MOS @ Pache. This was also a top club, very classy and very expensive. Spent most of the night on top of the terraced but spoke to a lot of like minded people which was good. It seemed too hot to dance in there. The only thing with Pache is you get glass water bottles with no tops on so you can't really dance with it in your hand and its also 8 euto's a bottle!! But had a great night. Costline cafe in my opinion is the most underated beach bar in Ibiza, very chilled and great music and people, very reasonable drink prices also.

Saturday, again slept most of the day and went to Dave Pearces, Euphoria at Eden. Loved the music as I'm into that but not so much on Eden. Crap sound system and as it was in San An, seemed to attract a lot of drunks which put a bit of a downer on it. Paid 45 Euro's for a ticket as we got VIP and a free CD and t-shirt, was worth it as the cd was worth about £15 and you also got a free drink. Had a great night there also.

The only other club night we went to was Manumission at Privalege. This is an excellent club but me and my step bro did not enjoy it as much as we could of. I think if you go there its good to go with as many as you as poss. Was lots of groups of people there which was fine but felt a bit intimerdated at times. Also a lot of drunk Scots there which were bloody roudy and intimadating, no offence to the Scotts by the way. :) The music was good there, and there is three rooms of it. Got there by the free bus outside Bar M, well worth getting as it costs about 15 Euros from San an by cab.

For the rest of the holiday spent most of our time at the sunset bars or chilling on our balcony watching people stumbling home from the west end. Only walked through when we had to, not really my cup of tea but if you wanna get laid and really pissed there you go! Lots of groups walking around san at night really pissed, felt a bit worried walking past them sometimes as there was a lot more of them, but every group we walked past were all friendly and just enjoying themselfs so fair play to them!

Ibiza is such a cool place, I am defo going to go back there next year, a lot of nice people. Managed to catch one really nice sunset there on our last night, really didn't wanna go home when we saw that. Was sitting on the rocks outside cafe del mar again. Was crowded but always managed to find somewhere to sit and smoke a sligh joint! The weather on a hole was good, fairly cloudy but always warm with the sun being out quite a lot of the time. It rained a little bit but I was in bed when it did luckily. Hope I haven't bored you lot too much!!

Nice one Russ !!!
San An is not my cup of tea, but it´s definitely handy for the sunset ! And Pacha´s terrace is a must when you have no room to dance (such a small dance floor !)