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Hey everyone,

With new hotels and bars opening all of the time, I'm wondering what the best rooftop/sunset bars are on Ibiza?
Whats your fave?

Personally I quite like Sol House in San Antonio Bay, but looking for places to go that I've never been to before.



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It has been there long time.. I like it and not as expensive like those empty bars along the port that used to be rammed most nights before with people waiting for the club parades hoping to catch some painted boobs and a dwarf or two...?
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I did notice a load of people on a roof not far from '1805' in Ibiza town when we were drinking there last september - the corner was in my line of vision looking up to D'Alt Vila, maybe about 4 blocks away from where we were? loud 90s pop IIRC - sorry a bit vague

[I tend to avoid them where I live - staff just a bit too snotty/pushy for my tastes - you can never get a pint or let your hair down]