Robder's thoughts on London's new addition - matter


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First impressions - ceiling a bit too high but layout is pretty good. Rather like a poor imitation of the old Home club in Leicester Sq in the main room...although imo not as good.

The venue is a bit bland and lacking in personality. It's also far too bright for me...I think they could do with a few trees in there to brighten it up make it look a bit less sparse. I love these multi million pound clubs and their take on warehouse style places. They never seem to hit the spot and just end up looking like pristine multi storey car parks! (unlike Berghain in Berlin which is expensively grimey and perfect). There are nice gimmicks all over the place like brick walls with tiles that light up - but the toilets are like a factory on an industrial estate and the fittings are a bit Ikea (quote Nick :lol:).

That said, reasons why you MUST go! The sound system is probably the best I've heard in my life - but perhaps a bit too gimmicky. The bass hits you in the chest, if you stand still you can feel your brain rattle and when the 'bodykinetic' floor is turned up full (towards the end of the night) it springs up and down sending jolts up your body (much more powerful than the fabric version). It was so powerful that all the jiggling around almost made me vomit and I had to stand on the surround platform to get away from it (I'm not usually one to buy into a sales pitch but believe the hype). :lol: Still, a sound system that makes you vomit = a good sign...However, I'd much prefer to see the Masters at Work on the Ministry system because all that bouncing distracts from the music after a while.

The projections are clever as well because the 360 degree system means that the whole club is illuminated. Not just screens around the outside but the people you're dancing with also. Very clever...and to add to the multi sensory environment, they put funny scents in the smoke machine.

The crowd is bloody AWFUL (lots of men in white shirts and suits and silly slags looking like Jodie Marsh :lol:) - but like Fabric, these people clear off in the morning.

Overall impressions - if this club was a car it would be a Ford Mondeo with all the trimmings; it's trying far too hard for my liking. It's a club for geeks through and through. I much prefer trailer trash - crap sound system and dirty venue...but less Essex types and much more fun. I guess that says a lot about me.

...oh and it's a mare to get back from - the O2 is in the back of beyond. Even for someone dwelling in East London.
Waterloo pier, right next to the London Eye. Also has a stop at Tower on the way.

They appear to run all night, or at least when we went at 11ish and as I left a little after 6 they were running.

Cost 4 pounds a ride. However, since the tube to Greenwich was closed for engineering work, Matter chipped in for a free ride one way out to the venue.
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