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  1. Thorpes

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    Anyone have any road cycling routes, ?
    Was thinking about hiring a bike (after 4 days of partying :) ) I'm in PDB, and could do to know where the best routes/roads are.
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  3. kimajy

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    ^^ Indeed. The tourist office has a guide of the 20 cycling routes you can take out with you. It's pretty flat all around Salinas / Es Cavallet etc. and very easy cycling round there but if you want a nice day out and are up for a little bit more climbing I'd set out early and head over to Cala d'Hort. It'll work out about 18 miles round trip so plenty of beach/exploring time to be had. The climb back up from Cala d'Hort is a light workout and then it's downhill all the way home :).

    If you're feeling adventurous this route will also take you right past the turning to Sa Pedrera and the Torre d'es Savinar .. which leads along the dirt road that ends up near the stone circle, cliff cave and (a bit of a climb along) the tower itself. Just don't get lost like Ric did if you go to the tower !

    Here's someone's route from Ibiza Town showing the gradients on most of the route... you can take the road out from PDB past the airport and pick this route up a few miles along.

    You can also take the scenic coastal route out past the airport towards Cala Jondal, but I think it'll add a couple of miles on as you wind up cutting back inland to get back to the road out to Cala d'Hort.
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    i remember someone lost a bike around there few years ago...kima or ric??
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    got lost with a bike, I think you mean craig ? It was ric looking for the Torre if I remember right ... thought he might wind up staying the night when he forgot where he left it :D
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    One of the official cycle routes (number 8?) where part of the route take you from Cala Llonga to Roca Llisa has been blocked. Large piles of rocks have been dumped at various places along the route. Anyone aware of why this has been done? My only thought was to try and prevent people from entering Roca Llisa without passing the security guard?
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    Any must see routes or places people can recommend? Just booked my bike for the week I'm there and looking forward to a good few days cycling.
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  8. Me and my other half are cyclists and we are using VeloClub to hire bikes (and to be our tour guide) as we want to do a Gran Fondo while we are there!
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    Veloclub are the guys to hook up with, 100% sound :cool:
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