Road Bike


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I would like to hire a good quality road bike on my next visit in August 09. I have come across IbizaMTB and Procycle for hire out on the island at a cost of around 30E per day (170E per week)

Has anybody used the service of these companies or got any other advice regarding the above.

As a alternative I have thought about bringing my own bike with me, but I would need a bike bag (£50 to £100) and would then need to pay for the bikes transportation.

Has anybody on the forum ever take a bike to Ibiza or anywhere abroad?
Thats correct Mr B, I know there are plently of shops that hire mountain bikes in Ibiza (although the quality of them is poor) but I want a road/racing bike.

I will speak to some of my local bike shops as you suggest, although I think I would prefer to hire in Ibiza to save me carting the bike with me to and from the airport.